Pilgrimage Groups Ghana Stands With Israel

October 25, 2023
Pilgrimage Groups Ghana Stands With Israel

The Pilgrimage Groups Ghana, also known as the Pilgrimage Friends Of Israel, has condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Israel which left 1400 innocent people dead.

The group, made up of individuals and churches that visit Israel annually called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

“The Pilgrimage Groups unequivocally condemns the recent despicable terrorist attacks orchestrated in recent times in the Middle East,” a statement signed and read by Apostle General, Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah said.

He made the call in the presence of the Ambassador of Israel to Ghana, Her Excellency, Shlomit Sufa, during a Sunday Service, in Accra.

The Apostle General on behalf of the group expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the innocent victims, including women and children, who tragically lost their lives in these acts of violence.

“We are deeply saddened by the immense loss and tragedy caused by these attacks, with over 1000 innocent lives, being brutally taken away. Furthermore, we condemn the reprehensible act of kidnapping innocent individuals, including foreigners which only serves to fuel animosity and disrupt international peace and security,” he indicated.

He advocated for Israelis and Palestinians to co-exist peaceably as both lineages can be traced to the patriarch Abraham. “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans12:18),” he quoted the Bible. “We firmly believe that through open dialogue, understanding, and a mutual commitment to peaceful coexistence, a sustainable resolution to this deep-rooted conflict can be achieved.”

The Apostle General stressed on the need for the preservation of innocent lives and for both countries to abstain from any further acts of violence.

“It is our staunch conviction that resorting to violence and aggression will only perpetuate suffering and hinder any chances of achieving lasting peace.

The Church in Ghana remains ready to extend any necessary assistance towards reconciliation and peace building efforts,” he added.

The Apostle General offered a heartfelt prayer, support, and solidarity to all those affected by this heart wrenching situation.

“We pray that the wisdom and guidance of God lead all parties involved in their pursuit of a peaceful resolution.

May His peace, surpassing all understanding, prevail over the Israeli-Palestinian region, bringing healing, unity, and restoration to the Land,” he prayed.

Her Excellency, Shlomit Sufa, in her remarks saidIsrael is facing ‘dark times’ as ‘evil’ has struck the southern part of thecountry.

She said the Hamas- the terrorist group behindthe attack- has infiltrated into homes and villages killing indiscriminatelyalong their path, men, women, children, babies, Jewish, Christians and Muslims;anyone they encountered in the most horrendous and cruel ways.    

She said the terrorists kidnapped about 210hostages, including children and women, when they were fleeing back to Gaza as ‘trophies’and as ‘bargaining chips’.

“Kidnapping children and holding them hostageis a crime against humanity and a war crime and a moral perversion against allhumanity,” she said.

Her Excellency Sufa said the country of Israelwill remember those who stood by them in the fight against evil adding that evilshall not prevail… “We will win” she stressed.

She called for prayers for the lives of themothers, fathers, children and babies who are held captive.

“For all our families in the house of Israel,fellow Jews who face anguish and captivity, whether on sea or on land may the Divinehave compassion upon them and bring them from distress to relief, from darknessto life, and from subjugation to redemption now, Amen,” she said. “Please prayfor Israel, pray for our safety,” she added.