About Us

The church was founded in December 1992 with twelve members. Over the years, the membership of the church has grown from twelve to tens of thousands with hundreds of local assemblies and several other international missions.

The church encompasses the headquarters (Ahenfie) with its 26 different Ministries (groups) as well as all the other distinct organs incorporated under the umbrella name. These organs include Royalhouse Chapel’s 200 Local Assemblies, its 16 International Missions in Europe and United States and their various departments, the media ministries, the church administration, the Christian Leadership College, as well as the Department of Social Services etc. The Social Services and Practical Ministry has a wide range of departments under it, these include, Royalhouse Chapel Scholarship Foundation, The Compassion Ministry (Feed the Hungry, Rural Missions and Evangelism), the Marriage Counseling Department, the Children, Teens, Young Adults, Men, Women, Aged and Anglophone & Francophone Ministry amongst many.

Our Mission & Vision


Touching our generation with the power of God.

Vision 1

Bring people into My presence through Prayer, Praise and Worship.

Vision 2

Preach messages of hope that are relevant to the physical and spiritual needs of the people.

Vision 3

Bring comfort to my people and create an atmosphere of love, sharing, caring and fellowship for them.