Defamatory allegations against the Apostle General, Most Rev. SAM KORANKYE ANKRAH

February 21, 2024
Defamatory allegations against the Apostle General, Most Rev. SAM KORANKYE ANKRAH

The leadership of Royalhouse Chapel International has taken notice of a videofeaturing a supposed fetish priest by name Osofo Samuel Kojo Bentil Odoommaking rounds on social media. This video accuses the Apostle General and founderof Royalhouse Chapel, the Most Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah of engaging in allegedsexual misconduct against a five-year-old girl nearly three decades ago, for apurported continuous period of five years, using her blood to build the church; aswell as acts of sexual engagements with choristers of the church, amongst other accusations.

The Church views these allegations as deeply troubling, purposefully destructive,and defamatory. They are perceived as a deliberate and calculated attempt to tarnishthe hard-earned reputation of the esteemed Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah,and lower him in the estimation of right-thinking members of society.

The leadership of the church wishes to say that Royalhouse Chapel has come this farby the grace of God, hard work and sacrifices by the Apostle General and theleadership of the church. Royalhouse Chapel International therefore categoricallyrefutes the claims made in these publications and wishes to put on record that,Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah has never been involved in any of Bentil’sallegations in any shape, form or fashion either with this particular individualmentioned by Bentil or any other person(s). The allegations by this self-styled fetishpriest therefore lack merit and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Recognizing however, the detrimental impact of such false assertions on publicperception, including the Christian Community, Royalhouse Chapel Internationalwishes to serve a caution that the content as published be classified as an affront toChristianity and the Body of Christ world-wide.

The general public is hereby advised to completely disregard these defamatorypublications entirely even as the Church explores its options under the law. As ourLord Jesus Christ cautioned, “Beware of those who come to you in sheep’s clothing,but inwardly they are ravenous wolves” (Matthew 7:15). We stand firm in our faithand trust that truth will prevail.

Royalhouse Chapel remains committed to upholding integrity, righteousness, andjustice in all its endeavors.

In a Christian spirit, Royalhouse Chapel and the Apostle General in accordance withthe word of God, extend forgiveness towards Samuel Kojo Bentil Odoom and hisaccomplices and pray for them that the Lord would have mercy on their souls.